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Yogabukse Satya- Leopard

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Are you looking for hip high waist leggings for your intense yoga practice? Satya is the one you want! The Satya leggings are made from bamboo, with a bit of soft organic cotton and lycra. This creates a special fabric mix that feels rich and sturdy, but soft and comfortable at the same time. The sweat-wicking fabric lets your skin breathe and keeps you cool, even during your most intense practices. Bamboo even has anti-bacterial properties, which means no more sweaty smell. Your Satya leggings will stay fresh. Learn more about why we love clothing made from bamboo. The tight fit and high waistband have a beautiful shaping effect and prevent sliding. You can focus entirely on your yoga practice and do all your favourite asanas, the Satya leggings will stay put. The fabric offers you full freedom to move without any restrictions. We love the Satya leggings for its soft feel and high waist; it’s a true allrounder that you can wear for any type of yoga practice. With the quick-drying bamboo, the Satya leggings are especially great during more intense practices like Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga Yoga. They’re also perfectly suitable for a workout at the gym, or a Pilates class.

What is Satya?

Satya is an important part of the yoga philosophy. In the Yoga SutraPatanjali teaches 5 yamas, restraints or moral disciplines. Satya is one of them. As with most Sanskrit words, Satya can’t be translated with just one word, but can rather be understood as the concept of truthfulness, purity. Satya also holds the meaning of unchangeable. You can apply the concept of Satya to your life by being truthful and honest to yourself as well as to others. On the yoga mat, observe how your body feels. If a certain pose does not feel good, be honest enough to yourself to admit that instead of forcing anything. Learn more about Satya here.

About Urban Goddess yoga wear

We only use certified organic cotton for our Urban Goddess yoga wear (GOTS) to guarantee high quality yoga clothing. So you get all the benefits of natural breathing fabrics. And at the same time, we all contribute to a healthier environment and happy, healthy workers that are treated and paid fairly. Learn more about why organic cotton is a better choice than regular cotton. Have you ever been distracted by itchy care labels in your clothes? Don’t worry, that’s not happening with Urban Goddess. We use stamps for all of our yoga wear, instead of labels. Simple!

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